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Our Customer Services - Administrator Services - Email User Setup


Instructions for setting up a user/email account on server/site:

  1. Go to: https://www.yourdomain.com:8443
  2. First, say continue and yes to the queries about the certificate.
  3. Then enter:
    • Login: yourdomain.com (Replacing "yourdomain.com" with your real domain address)
    • Password: XXXXXXX
  4. Click on "Mail" icon
  5. To add a user/email account, click on the "Add New Mail Name " icon
  6. Fill in the Mail Name exactly as you want it (this is just the part of an email address before the "@" symbol) SUGGESTION: make user name in lower case and no breaks or spaces, to indicate a space use either a "_" or "." or "-"
  7. Fill in the New Password and Confirm Password fields with the appropriate password.
  8. Control Panel Section should be check marked and left just as it is pre-set.
  9. Mailbox section should be check marked
  10. Adjust the Mailbox Quota section by clicking on the small circle in front of Enter Size...
  11. In the empty field where it states "Enter Size" fill in the kilobytes (1000 KB = 1 MB Example: 20 MB = 20000 KB)
  12. Check mark the "Enable Spam Filtering" if you wish for this user to get the benefits of spam filtering.
  13. Click OK

To change a user's email password:

Click on the "Mail" icon. Click on the email user address within the list of email addresses.. Click on "Preferences", type in the new password in the field marked as "New Password" and again in the field marked "Confirm Password" and click "OK". The new password is now in. Remind the user to then go into either Outlook or Express or whatever email program they are using and change that password on their account.

For further instructions or help download the Administrator Guide PDF file

NOTE: Make sure to Log Out when you have completed your work.




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