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Our Customer Services - Miva Ecommerce Instructions


Miva Ecommerce Administration - Quick Instructions


  1. Enter your website Miva Ecommerce Administration screen at this location: http://storefront.ccswebmarketing.com/Merchant2/admin.mvc?
  2. At the next screen you will enter your username and password, then click on "Log In"
  3. Once into the admin section, click on the triangle next to "Store"
  4. Then on the triangle next to your store name. Clicking on a triangle will give you a drop down menu to choose from.

To Get Orders

  1. Once you have entered using information above. Click on the triangle next to "Order Processing" for a drop down menu.
  2. You can look at each individual order by clicking on the triangle next to the "Unbatched Orders" section.
    • Here it will list out each order individually for your review.
    • Click on the order you would like to review and the information will appear on the right.
    • You will see "Customer Information" on the screen and you can click the top menu for either "Order Information" or "Credit Card Payment With Simple Validation"
  3. OR You can batch your orders together and print them off.
    • Simply click on the "Batch Orders" section, it will tell you how many new orders you have
    • Give your batch a unique name
    • Click "Create"
    • Then you can pull up the batch and print it off.

Weekly Store Cleaning Duties ( Extremely Important ) (Do Steps in Order)

  1. Delete Shopping Baskets
    • Click on the triangle next to "Utilities"
    • Then click on "Delete Shopping Baskets" section
      • on the right select "Delete:" Answer "All"
      • on the right select "Recover Order Numbers:" Answer "No"
    • Click "Delete".
    • When completed it will read on the right: "All Shopping Baskets for Store XXXXXXX Deleted."
  2. Pack Store Files
    • Click on the "Pack Data Files" section.
    • When completed it will read on the right: "Database Files for Store XXXXXXX Packed."

Support Manual:


or In the admin section Click on "Docs" at the top of the page and then Click on "Miva Merchant User Guide"




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