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Our Customer Services - Ecommerce Modules


Modules for Ecommerce Stores

For price and availability of the following please contact CCS at 704-545-6699

Shipping Modules

  • Base + Weight Shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Minimum or Weight Shipping
  • UPS Domestic Shipping Calculator
  • Quantity Based Shipping
  • Weight Table Based Shipping
  • Minimum or Subtotal Shipping
  • Price Table Based Shipping
  • Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option - Configurable free shipping options based on weight, subtotal or quantity.
  • FedEx(R) Shipping Cost Estimate
  • U.S.P.S. Online Rate Calculation (Domestic & International)
  • Minimum or Subtotal Shipping by ZIP Code Zone
  • Flat Rate Shipping by State Zone
  • Address and Shipping SuperBund - Allow customers to store multiple Ship-To addresses.
  • Insurance By Subtotal - Charge insurance based on subtotal of products.
  • MmLabel - Shipping Label Software - Print shipping labels from within the admin.
  • Packing Slips for Ultra Batch - Print custom packing slips.
  • USPS PM Shipping Labels & Order Tracking - Print USPS Priority Mail labels w/ FREE Delivery Confirmation.

Payment Modules

  • Authorize.Net Payment Services v3.1
  • Check Payment
  • CyberCash Payment Services
  • Credit Card Payment With Simple Validation
  • Anacom Payment Services
  • Verisign Payflow Pro (PaymentNet)
  • CyberSource ICSv2 Payment Services
  • Cardservice/LinkPoint Payment Gateway
  • Simple Payment Module
  • COD ? Verisign Payflow Link
  • Paradata Payment Service
  • GlobalCommerce Payment Gateway
  • Moneris e-SELECT Payment Service
  • E-Commerce Exchange/QuickCommerce 3.0 Payment Gateway
  • debit-it! - Full service online electronic check processing
  • e-ValuCheck - Accept checks for immediate shipment
  • Innovative Gateway Solutions
  • Lynk Internet Processing
  • PayPal Instant Payment Notification
  • U.S. Merchant Systems
  • PayQuake
  • Miva Payment
  • Payment w/ Configurable Fields

Pricing & Discounts

  • Entity Count Pricing - Charge customers per letter or number for engraving, etc.
  • Kitmaker - Group Price for Products - Combine related products and sell as a group!
  • Miscellaneous Fee Assignment - Charge additional fees per store or product.
  • Percent Off Based on Quantity by Category - Offer discount on quantity of categorized products.
  • Percent Off Based on Quantity of Items - Offer a discount for number of items sold.
  • Percent Off Subtotal by Category - Offer discount based on subtotal of categorized products.
  • Percent Off Subtotal of Order - Offer discount based on the order's subtotal.
  • Price Wizard Pro - The ultimate price/cost configuration module.
  • Volume Pricing - Offer discounts based on number of items.

Marketing Modules

  • Miva Marketplace List Product Wizard
  • Miva Marketplace Sign Up Wizard
  • Save Basket to Giftlist
  • Miva Mailer Add Mailing List Wizard
  • Miva Mailer Send Wizard
  • Miva Mailer Setup Wizard
  • Miva Marketplace List Category Wizard
  • Miva Marketplace Mass-Listing Wizard
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Buy X Get 1 Free - Offer a free item when a minimum amount of items are purchased.
  • Subscribe 2 - Run an ultimate opt-in email list!
  • Tell A Friend - Allow customers to tell their friends about your site.

Other Modules

  • Sort Categories and Products - Sort products and categories by code, name & date.
  • Other Page Templates - Make your own pages in Miva.
  • OpenUI Extension - Module that will prohibits post office box number in "Ship To" field
  • eBay Automatic Winner Notification - Easily notify ebay auction winners.
  • Membership SuperMod - Discounts, sales and membership rewards (Copernicus)
  • MM Interface for Third Party Extensions - Include order info from Addendum & related products on Batch Reports & more.
  • Find and Replace Text in Product Descriptions - Find and replace text in your product descriptions.
  • Image Checker (Weiland) - Verify that all product images are present.
  • Attribute Import/Export - Import attributes via flat file.
  • MmDELPAY - Protects your store from stealing sensitive payment data.
  • Static Catalog Generator - Generate HTML catalog pages instantly.
  • StoreMan - PC Software to easily edit and maintain your store!
  • StoreMan Advanced - The ultimate offline manager for your store's content.
  • StoreMan Pro - Easily maintain several stores with acclaimed PC software.
  • Edit More - manage additional fields (Weiland) - Manage additional product fields in admin.

Ordering and Checkout Modules

  • Additional Checkout Fields - Collect additional data at checkout.
  • Order Attributes - Collect additional order data, and even charge for order options!
  • Upload File Attribute - Accept file uploads from customers via product purchase.
  • Software / Content / Access Delivery - Auto-fulfill downloadable products, passwords for sites, etc.
  • Express Order - Allow customers to quickly order by product code only.
  • External Product Purchase - Accept payment for non-store items
  • Shopping Pad - Allow customers to quickly reorder common products.
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity or Amount Required - Set min. & max. limits on quantity and subtotal.
  • Order Manager from Stone Edge -The fully-integraded Order Management software is here.
  • Order Status Manager Reports - Add-on to Order Status Manager.
  • Customer Invoice - Simple Design - Print customer invoices right from admin.mv.
  • MmHTML Invoice Trio - Save big on the combo MmHTML trio!
  • Category Attribute Import - Import attributes of your categories.
  • Category Import & Export - Import & export categories for quick setup.
  • Lost and Found Orders - Allow for capture of baskets not completed into orders.
  • Show Shopping Baskets - View shopping baskets as customers shop

Customer Care or Contact

  • CustContact - Add a mini helpdesk system to your store.
  • Mandatory Customer Agreement - Require customer agreement prior to checkout.
  • Follow-On Contact (Customer Follow-Up) - Follow up with customers after orders are filled.
  • Mail Manager - The ultimate mail manager for all purposes.
  • Returns Processing - Handle and track Returns requests through your Miva Merchant admin.
  • CustCredit - Issue store credit for product exchanges and refunds.
  • Wait List Manager - Allow customers to be on a wait list for out of stock items.
  • Contact Manager - Allow customers to contact you via web-form right from your store!
  • HTML Formatted Customer Confirmation - Send HTML Formatted Order Confirmations!
  • Secure PGP E-mail Merchant Notification - Send detailed order information via SECURE email.
  • Show Payment Method in Emails - Display a customer's payment method in the email.
  • Event Reminder - Let customers be notified of their own special events.


  • Business-2-Business Tax Exempt Module - Allow B2B customers to enter tax codes for exemption.


  • Inventory & Customer Management - Set stock levels on products & allow customer tracking of orders.
  • Restock Shelves (Inventory) for 4.0 - A must for those using 4.0's Inventory Control.

Reports & Tools

  • Create Batch By Date - Create batches according to the date of orders.
  • EZ Batch Report
  • MmTICKER - Mini Admin, Statistics & Alerts Scheduler - Schedule and customize admin features.
  • Secure Batch Report - Export batches and send them securely with PGP.
  • Simplified Batch Reports - One per page, simplified reports save toner and headache.
  • Ultra Batch Report - The ultimate batch reporting module.
  • ELM 2 Store Statistics for Compiled Stores - A must for store statistics.
  • OpenStats (OpenUI Consortium) - View order stats, including break down summaries.
  • Search Engine Tracker - Track search engine and click-throughs to your store.

Exporting and Importing

  • Export Products & Category Codes - Export data for analyzing and modifying.
  • Export Products & Combined Category Codes - Export data for analyzing and modifying.
  • Export Products & Multiple Category Codes - Export data for analyzing and modifying.
  • Export Wizard - Database to Flatfile - Export any .dbf file for analyzing data.
  • Froogle Fast Data Feed - Instant feed files for FroogleTM.
  • Import Export SuperMod - Import and Export to/from ANY Miva Merchant database.
  • Related Products Import and Export - Export & Import Related Products
  • QuickBooks Export



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