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Website design is both a science and an art. For your site to be effective it must be memorable, engaging, dynamic and user friendly while creating that sense of WOW. This is the art. But it should also be easily found and very marketable. This is the science.

The emphasis on found and marketable is not an accident. If your site is beautiful and fun but attracts no visitors because it cant be found on the web, it does nothing for you. Likewise, if your site can be found but is not marketable to visitors, it also does nothing for you. The art and science of website design is a double-edged sword... and both edges must be sharp.

The key to your site being found lies not only in the time-consuming and exacting task of properly listing your site with the right Internet search engines, but also in effectively presenting your site on existing brochures, cards, letterhead and other collateral materials.

The key to your site being marketable lies in ensuring the right content, look, feel, and user interface to cause visitors to take an action of purchasing, calling, emailing, completing a survey, or other desired action that ultimately results in a sale.

An important aspect of your site being marketable involves branding, the promotion within your website the desired or established image of your company. This is vital to creating and expanding an awareness of your product or service. Branding not only creates a strong first impression but also develops an on-going relationship with your visitors. Branding is not just for large companies. The website and general execution of this concept is essential to all businesses, large or small. After all, how do you think the large companies became large?

Some questions to ask yourself:

Does your site enhance the brand image you want to portray?

Is your site designed as a whole or as jumbled pieces?

Does the look and feel of your site create the emotional impact you desire?

Does your site compliment your existing brochures, cards, letterhead and other collateral materials?

And most importantly... is your website getting the results you want?

Ingrained into our everyday work at CCS Webmarketing is the impact for each client of these ideas, concepts, questions and answers as they evolve with our ever-changing technology. But dont just take our word for it. Visit our portfolio and see how these basic concepts of found and marketable are applied in conjunction with cutting edge graphics, text, and multimedia to create website design that works.


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