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Flash Presentations


Spice up your site with Flash. A dash of Flash on your website is like adding a hot jalapeno or three-alarm salsa. Flash makes visitors sit up and take notice. It adds zest to your website.

View sample Flash animation (requires Flash plug-in)

CCS is pleased to be able to offer Flash as part of our web design services. With Flash, we can add full-screen animation, stereo sound and engaging interactivity to your site. Your website becomes an experience, not just one of the millions of locations on the Web.

Why add Flash to your site?

  • Virtual Tours
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Training Applications
  • Music
  • Eye-popping Home Pages

Let your imagination run wild as you spice up your website.

With the growth of high-speed Internet connections and browsers that ship with the Flash plug-in, more and more web surfers are experiencing the power of Flash.

CCS will add this exciting technology to your site in a flash. For more information about our Flash design services fill out our info request form or call (704) 545-6699.


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