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Search Engine Consulting


"After working with [CCS Webmarketing], [we] got our website finally where we wanted it, and the hits started coming. I can honestly tell you that we have never had so many hits on our website, so we are very satisfied and happy with our results from CCS Webmarketing. I feel your service has increased our web presence by at least 50% – maybe more."

– Jan & Captain Omar Van Rooyen

The key to your site being found lies not only in effectively presenting your site on existing brochures, cards, letterhead and other collateral materials but also in the time-consuming and exacting task of properly listing your site with the right Internet search engines.

Because 95% of the visitors to your website will be driven there by search engines, at CCS Webmarketing, the search engine promotion process that allows your site to be found begins during website design and continues through the development and life of the website. Search engine promotion consists of three parts.

During the design stage, the correct key wording and meta tag structure is created within your website and it's background. These are the foremost components of search engines being able to find your website and immediately understand the nature of your website.

During the development stage, your site is promoted to the best search engines for your website marketing strategy. This is done by sending the carefully chosen keywords and phrases from your website to the search engines.

During the life of your site, an on-going plan is implemented for continued marketing to the search engines of your website. Without careful search engine planning, promotion, and implementation, the only visitor to your website will be... your mother.

Search engine promotion is simply the most important task we do for our customers. Our experience has taught us that automated search engine indexing programs are not effective and are sometimes a detriment to strategic search engine promotions. For this reason, at CCS we concentrate on manual promotion to the top search engines such as alltheweb.com, altavista.com, lycos.com, dmoz.org, looksmart.com, excite.com, google.com, yahoo.com, Inktomi and more.

The results we have obtained for our clients clearly demonstrate that our personalized, concentrated search engine promotion process works. To take advantage of our expertise and advice and for additional information about our search engine promotion packages and pricing, please contact us.

Find out more about our extensive search work.


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